The World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Boat with Revolutionary Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell Technology

The HyTime project, backed by the UK government, has reached a historic milestone with the conclusion of real-world testing. Bramble Energy, in partnership with Barrus, has developed groundbreaking fuel cell technology to power the world’s first hydrogen-electric boat.

Innovative Technology for Decarbonizing the Maritime Sector

Bramble Energy has designed, developed, and deployed a marinized printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC™), a groundbreaking application for narrowboats. This achievement showcases the vast potential of hydrogen for decarbonizing the maritime sector.

Significant Environmental Benefits

The project provides an eco-friendly solution by replacing diesel engines in boats, potentially saving up to 12 tonnes of CO2 per year per vessel. In a context where the global maritime sector significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, this innovation represents a crucial advancement.

Exceptional Performance and Range

The 57-foot hydrogen-powered narrowboat was successfully launched in Sheffield, Yorkshire, where it passed emission-free tests using a custom marinized fuel cell system. With a range of approximately 600 miles from the 14 kg of onboard hydrogen and additional power from solar panels, the boat demonstrates exceptional performance.

Government Funding and Environmental Objectives

In 2022, Bramble Energy received government funding of nearly one million pounds to develop this fuel cell technology. This initiative aligns with the Clean Maritime Plan, requiring new vessels to be zero-emission capable by 2025.

Positive Impact on the Global Maritime Industry

While the marine sector accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, this technology offers a practical, cost-effective, and high-performance solution to meet emission regulations and contribute to greener waterways.

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Towards a Green Future with PCBFC™ Technology

Bramble Energy is set to commence a testing program on UK inland waterways, collecting crucial data for the future development of its marine PCBFC™ systems. This scalable and versatile technology provides a promising path toward a swift transition to hydrogen, contributing to cleaner and more sustainable maritime transportation.