The Oceanis 38.1: An Innovative and Elegant Sailboat by Bénéteau

The Oceanis 38.1 by Bénéteau is a magnificent sailboat that seamlessly combines functionality, performance, and elegance in boat sizes where function typically takes precedence over customization. This new version intelligently blends these three qualities to provide an unforgettable sailing experience.

1. Meticulous and Spacious Interior Design

Beneteau Oceanis 38.1

For the Nauta Design team, the challenge was to increase living spaces in the salon while offering more privacy to the owner’s cabin without losing the visual perspective provided by its forward openness. Indeed, the Oceanis 38.1 is available in 6 different versions, each with various layouts: the number of cabins and bathrooms, salon modularity, kitchen choices, storage capacity, etc.

1.1 A Separate and Intimate Owner’s Cabin

Now accessible through double doors, this cruise sailboat’s owner’s cabin offers beautiful privacy while remaining visually open forward. The portholes also provide exceptional brightness.

1.2 Customizable Interior Ambiences

oceanis 38.1

Light oak or Alpi mahogany, the Oceanis 38.1 offers a choice between a contemporary ambiance with light oak or a more classic ambiance with Alpi mahogany. The kitchen can be arranged according to the owner’s preferences: long, L-shaped, with additional countertop space.

2. Performance and Customization Options

oceanis 38.1

The Oceanis 38.1 is equipped with a 40 HP Yanmar engine, offering optimal power during engine navigation. The sailboat is CE certified for categories A8 / B9 / C10, ensuring safety and reliability.

2.1 Keel Options

  • Deep keel: for reduced draft and better suitability for shallow areas.
  • Arch option: adds a davit support for annex boat storage at the stern.
  • Lifting keel without arch: allows navigation in very shallow waters.
  • Short keel without arch: ideal for coastal cruises and navigation in shallow waters.
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2.2 Interior Layout Plans

Various configurations are possible, including:

  • Closed front cabin with headboard facing forward, two aft cabins, bathroom with toilet.
  • L-shaped bench in the salon, large kitchen, gentle descent to the salon at a 45° angle.

3. Raymarine Electronics and HARKEN Equipment

The Oceanis 38.1 is equipped with a complete Raymarine electronics package, ensuring safe and precise navigation. Elvström sails and HARKEN deck equipment ensure optimal performance during sea outings.

4. Comprehensive Support from Bénéteau

With dedicated teams for sea trials, financing, customization, events, and after-sales service, as well as a global network of distributors, Bénéteau supports each owner in their life as a sailor and puts all its expertise into building a lasting relationship.

In summary, the Oceanis 38.1 by Bénéteau is a sailboat that makes no compromises between functionality, performance, and elegance, much like the entire range, such as its smaller siblings, the Oceanis 30.1 or the Oceanis 37.1. Its meticulous and spacious interior design, performance and customization options, as well as the support offered by Bénéteau, make it an ideal choice for those who want to sail on a unique and exceptional boat.