The bests cruises in the Greek islands

Greece, its mythology, its ancient remains and its islands full of surprises continue to feed the fantasies of travellers. With a small or large transportable sailboat, sailing in Greece is entirely possible.

In this southern European country surrounded by the Aegean and Ionian Seas, you will discover a unique history, a vibrant culture, cities with timeless charm, picturesque fishing villages and beautiful beaches.

Selected must-see places in Greece

With its diverse landscapes and cities, each with its own identity, Greece offers many possibilities for a Mediterranean holiday. Athens, the capital, invites its visitors to immerse themselves in the special atmosphere of an open-air museum.

The Acropolis, the Agora, the National Garden and the charming Plaka district are some of the sites not to be missed. Greece is also a land of sunny islands, with scenery worthy of the greatest artists’ paintings. From the Ionian Islands to the Cyclades, via Crete and Rhodes, there is much to discover.
Arhenes Acropolis

On Crete, the fifth largest Mediterranean island, the archaeological site of Knossos is well worth a visit. The island of Santorini, one of Europe’s most beautiful islands, has postcard images with its pristine white villages and blue roofs. Mykonos, popular with the jet-set, is distinguished by its trendy atmosphere, its narrow streets that invite you to stroll and its secret coves scattered along the coast.

Greek gastronomy, daughter of Demeter and Dyonisos

Are you a gourmet with a delicate palate? Come and taste the culinary specialities of Greece, both continental and insular. Greek cuisine is thousands of years old, and a few key foods mark out its identity, with a king food: olive oil, used in all sorts of sauces.
Greek dish

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Greek cuisine includes traditional moussakas, where aubergines and goats are mixed together, tatziki, a fresh and healthy sauce to be eaten without moderation, and dolma, a vine leaf stuffed with spicy rice… Turkish and Italian influences are still present, Greece is a mosaic! However, each region has its own specialities. In Lesbos, try grilled octopus and ouzo, before eating pastries in Thessaloniki.

A little dessert for the end? The sweet Koum-Kouat cherry, found only in Corfu, in the Ionian Islands, is a treat!

A stay in Greece in an exclusive setting

the white sand of the beaches, hidden from view. Take advantage of your few days on this piece of paradise to visit its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and to relax in the bay of Paleokastrits, in the north-west of the island. In the Cyclades archipelago, the setting is just as stunning.
Monastery Greece

In Sifnos, Paros, Antiparos, Syros or Santorini, you can spend your holiday on the Aegean Sea, close to beautiful beaches. When it comes to accommodation, renting a luxury villa in Greece can be economical and convenient, so why not take advantage of the exceptional amenities they offer, such as a sea view, a swimming pool or a guide? Make the most of Greece’s 300 days of sunshine a year!