North Sails Introduces Eco-Friendly Sails with RENEW Range

North Sails, the leader in sail manufacturing, has announced the arrival of a new eco-friendly sail range: RENEW. This North Paneled Laminate (NPL) sailcloth, specially designed for cruising boats ranging from 25 to 45 feet, is composed of over 90% recycled and bio-sourced materials, without compromising performance.

A Crucial Transition to Sustainable Sails

North Sails is now spearheading a major technological advancement in sustainable sails. RENEW, the company’s latest creation, focuses on low-impact manufacturing, the use of alternative fibers, and material circularity.

Tom Davis, Product Director of RENEW, emphasizes the considerable effort deployed behind the scenes to ensure that RENEW maintains legitimate sustainability characteristics. The sailcloth has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring exceptional durability and unbeatable sail shape for cruising sailboat owners, without compromising performance.

Responsible Sourcing for a Greener Future

Responsible sourcing is at the core of RENEW. North Sails has forged strong partnerships with suppliers of films, fibers, and fabrics who share their commitment to sustainability. RENEW incorporates recycled polyester film and yarn, as well as bio-based Dyneema, creating a highly durable laminated sailcloth composed of over 90% alternative bio-based and recycled raw materials. All supplier products for RENEW are Bluesign Certified and ISCC compliant, ensuring the validity of their sources and manufacturing processes.

Future Perspectives: A Holistic View of Sustainability

Ken Read, President of North Sails, emphasizes the company’s global commitment to sustainability. RENEW is just the first step, and North Sails plans to extend this sustainable approach to a broader range of products. The company aims to adopt Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure the ecological impact of all products and establish measurable goals for circular products that can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle by 2025.

The RENEW Program: Towards a Greener Future

The RENEW program reflects North Sails’ ongoing commitment to sustainability. Collaboration with suppliers will continue to identify and refine the raw materials needed to produce even more sustainable sails. This commitment extends to all North Sails technologies, including 3Di sails.

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