North Sails Introduces Eco-Friendly Sails with RENEW Range

voiles North sails

North Sails, the leader in sail manufacturing, has announced the arrival of a new eco-friendly sail range: RENEW. This North Paneled Laminate (NPL) sailcloth, specially designed for cruising boats ranging from 25 to 45 feet, is composed of over 90% recycled and bio-sourced materials, without compromising performance. A Crucial Transition to Sustainable Sails North Sails is now spearheading a major technological advancement in sustainable sails. …

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Torqeedo Unveils Cutting-Edge Electric Marine Solutions at boot 2024

moteur hors bord éléctrique

At the heart of Torqeedo’s booth lies an array of electric drive systems, ranging from 1 kW to 200 kW on a system level. These systems are designed for small leisure boats, sailboats, powerboats, and even larger yachts. Noteworthy products include the Travel Family for small boats, the ultra-efficient Cruise system for boats up to 12 tons, and the modular Deep Blue systems for yachts …

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Four Winns H2e Receives Boating Magazine’s Prestigious “Best Runabout of 2023” Award

“This exceptionally well-done bowrider offers style and substance in equally heavy measure,” praises Boating Magazine. The H2e, powered by the E-Motion electric marine powertrain from Vision Marine Technologies, not only sets a world record as the fastest electric boat but also delivers amazing performance on the water. Innovation in Electric Boating Technology The E-Motion outboard engine on the H2e shares technology with its quick-moving counterpart, …

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Plankton Planet on Board Perseverance: Unprecedented Scientific Exploration of the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean

voilier Perseverance

An ambitious initiative led by Member of the European Parliament Catherine Chabaud and CNRS biologist Colomban de Vargas came to life on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, with the launch of the participatory oceanology program Plankton Planet aboard Perseverance, the polar exploration and future resupply schooner designed by Jean-Louis Etienne for the Polar Pod. Discovering the Microscopic World of Oceans During a three-week rotation in the …

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What are the 5 longest rivers in the world?


Rivers are at the heart of the evolution of the world’s civilizations. They have enabled the creation of some of the world’s greatest cities, and even today they shape our borders. The most powerful rivers carry our imaginations as much as fertile silt. Among them, some stand out for their extraordinary size. Their titanic course crosses continents and borders. Rivers have been indispensable to all …

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The Oceanis 38.1: An Innovative and Elegant Sailboat by Bénéteau

Oceanis 38.1

The Oceanis 38.1 by Bénéteau is a magnificent sailboat that seamlessly combines functionality, performance, and elegance in boat sizes where function typically takes precedence over customization. This new version intelligently blends these three qualities to provide an unforgettable sailing experience. 1. Meticulous and Spacious Interior Design For the Nauta Design team, the challenge was to increase living spaces in the salon while offering more privacy …

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The 5 Most Devastating Storms in France Since 1980


When thinking of devastating storms in France, several names come to mind. Since 1980, France has experienced dozens of storms causing significant material and human losses. Discover our summary of the five most powerful storms that have struck France since 1980. 1. Storm Lothar (December 26, 1999) Lothar is undoubtedly one of the most striking storms in France since 1980. It blew up to 173 …

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What Are Sailboats with 2 Masts Called?


Sailboats with two masts can go by different names depending on their mast placement and the type of rigging they carry. Let’s explore the various names for two-masted sailboats and the differences between a ketch, a schooner, and a yawl. Sailboats, majestic symbols of freedom, may appear mysterious to those who aren’t avid sailors. However, this diversity and these mysteries are also the treasures of …

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Government Reinforces French Action Plan to Assess and Reduce Accidental Small Cetacean Captures in the Bay of Biscay

bateaux de pêche

In the realm of marine conservation and coastal affairs, significant strides have been taken to strengthen the French action plan aimed at addressing accidental captures of small cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay. This comprehensive plan is set to span from 2024 to 2026 and comes as a response to a pivotal decision by the Council of State on March 20, 2023. Bolstering the Action …

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Rogue Waves: Mysterious and Destructive Marine Phenomena

vague scélérate

Some legends frighten sailors, just like they do landlubbers. But are all stories merely legends? Among the things that terrify sailors the most, rogue waves rank high on the list. And these are very real. But are they frequent, and how do they form? Let’s explore that together. Oceans are unpredictable and hide numerous secrets, among which the phenomenon of rogue waves stands out as …

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Jeanneau 64, a high-end cruising yacht

Jeanneau 64

The Jeanneau 64, which came out of the shipyard of the same name in 2014, is a cruising yacht somewhere between a production yacht and a yacht. This top-of-the-range cruiser has succeeded in combining top-of-the-range comfort with the pleasure of sailing. Presentation of an exceptional sailing boat. The Jeanneau 64 is an exceptional yacht that combines performance, elegance and comfort to offer an unforgettable sailing …

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