Exploring the Port of Agay

Nestled on the French Riviera, the Port of Agay is a small gem nestled between the sea and the mountains. With its exceptional location in the heart of the bay and easy access, this Provençal port is an invitation to discover the treasures of the Esterel. From boat rentals to cruises to Saint-Tropez, the port offers a plethora of activities to suit all tastes. Its colorful quays invite leisurely strolls, while the transparency of its waters reveals underwater riches. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, thrills, or a change of scenery, the spirit of the South blows through Agay. It’s a little pearl waiting to be discovered.

Heart of the Port of Agay

A real focal point for holidaymakers, life thrives around the Port of Agay. From here, you can enjoy an exceptional panorama of the Golden Islands, which benefit from a unique microclimate in Europe. The Mediterranean-colored café and restaurant terraces attract passersby who come to enjoy a picturesque setting.

Between Cap Dramont and Pointe de la Baumette

Nestled in a protected cove, the Port of Agay nestles between Cap Dramont and Pointe de la Baumette, two rocky caps that offer appreciable natural shelter. Its turquoise waters invite you for a swim, and its wild coves are waiting to be explored. The unique fauna and flora are preserved thanks to this unique biotope.

Natural Gateway to the Esterel

The Port of Agay is the ideal gateway to discover the Esterel massif and its wild volcanic landscapes. Its marked trails allow for hiking through fragrant maquis and glowing rocks. Its fine sandy beaches contrast with the rugged cliffs, offering a guaranteed change of scenery just a stone’s throw from the port.

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Access and Infrastructure

Taking a boat to visit the Port of Agay provides a privileged view of the port facilities. You can discover the numerous boats moored along the quays and the variety of available spaces. Small and large sailboats coexist with larger fishing boats. The port is well organized with dedicated areas according to the type of vessel. There are also pontoons reserved for passing ships, allowing them to temporarily dock during a stopover.

Technical Areas

For safety reasons, the port has technical areas off-limits to the public. These areas include docks dedicated to refueling with fuel and fresh water. Large pipes supply boats directly from storage tanks. Other areas house workshops for boat maintenance and repair, and boats can be pulled ashore using a slipway. These facilities allow boaters to benefit from all the services necessary for a successful stopover at the Port of Agay.

Activities and Leisure

Boat and Jet Ski Rentals

Water sports are highly popular at the Port of Agay. Many rental services offer motorboats, rigid inflatable boats, jet skis, or small sailboats to explore the bay and have fun on the water. Guided outings are also available to introduce you to water skiing or wakeboarding under optimal conditions. Renting equipment is ideal for fully enjoying the joys of the sea for a day.

Discovering the Bay in a Glass-Bottom Boat

For observing underwater life, a wonderful activity is to board a glass-bottom boat. Lying at the front of the boat, equipped with a mask, you can admire the marine fauna and flora in crystal-clear waters. Agay Bay, with its seagrass beds and rocks, is home to numerous species of colorful fish. Guaranteed sensations for young and old during this unusual immersion!

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Departures to Saint-Tropez

The Port of Agay is an ideal stopover on the way to the beaches of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Boat trips are offered from Agay to reach the famous beaches of Saint-Tropez. You can dock and enjoy the day on renowned beaches like Pampelonne before returning to Agay in the evening. It’s an opportunity to discover Saint-Tropez from the sea and avoid traffic congestion in this well-known city.

Plages et balades côtières (Beaches and Coastal Walks)

Around the Port of Agay stretch superb sandy beaches. The main beach has a pleasant seafront with numerous restaurants. Coastal paths also allow you to explore wild coves accessible on foot. You can thus combine swimming, lazing on the sand, and hiking along the coast to enjoy the different aspects of this preserved coastline.

Liaisons maritimes (Maritime Connections)

Depuis les ports voisins (From Nearby Ports)

Located in Charente Maritime, the Port of Agay allows for easy access to the Île de Ré by sea thanks to regular maritime connections offered from neighboring ports. Several maritime companies provide crossings with schedules suitable for both tourists and locals wanting to visit the island for a day or a weekend. Frequent rotations make it possible to link the mainland to Île de Ré in just about fifteen minutes.

Vers Saint-Tropez (To Saint-Tropez)

Contrary to what one might think, the Port of Agay is not solely dedicated to boating and water activities. It also plays an important role in maritime connections to Saint-Tropez, especially during the summer season. Regular maritime shuttles are offered to reach the port of Saint-Tropez in about 45 minutes. Convenient and fast, they provide an interesting alternative to the road, which is often congested in the summer, to discover Saint-Tropez and the famous Saint-Tropez Peninsula.

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Le port d’Agay, une évasion méditerranéenne (The Port of Agay, a Mediterranean Escape)

The Port of Agay invites you to escape for a Provençal stopover. A pearl nestled between the azure sweetness and the reliefs of the Esterel, this haven of peace reveals the beauty of an authentic Mediterranean. From the intense blue of its waters to the colorful streets of the old port, everything here invites serenity. Let yourself be carried away by the coming and going of boats, inhale the marine scents, or simply gaze at the horizon—a timeless interlude awaits the visitor. For the Port of Agay is more than just a stopover. It is an invitation to savor the moment, to reconnect with the essentials. To reconnect with the surrounding nature, the rhythm of the tides, and the Mediterranean way of life. The Port of Agay reminds us that happiness can be found in the little things.